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No. 10  Liner

85% wool and 15% nylon

Sizes Medium and Large


$10.00 / pair

No. 12  Liner

50% wool and 50% acrylic

Size Large


$8.00 / pair

Knit Wool Liners

Need an extra layer of warmth?  Quality knit liner with plenty of stretch and warmth, perfect for use with the Unlined Choppers 

One Finger Mitts

Popular for their warmth and versatility, this mitt is great for hunting and shooting, or working in cold weather.  This mitt is lined with either plush pile lining or Thinsulate® Insulation and has elastic sewn across the back and a bound wrist.   

Available in sizes Medium - XLagre.

No. 2827      One Finger Mitt with 
                     Plush Pile Lining         $23.00 / pair

No. 2827-T  ​One Finger Mitt with 

                    Thinsulate® Lining      $28.00 / pair

Black Pile Sno-Mitts

A regional favorite, our deluxe winter mitt has a black pile shell with a leather palm, fully lined with extra warm Thinsulate® Insulation or plush pile fabric.  Approximately 14 inches from fingertip to cuff.

Available in sizes XSmall - XLarge

No. 832  Black Pile Sno-Mitts with Thinsulate® Insulation                                                            $35.00 / pair


No. 833  Black Pile Sno-Mitts with Plush Pile Insulation                                                                $33.00 / pair

All Leather Sno-Mitts

The 2832 mitten features an all leather shell, fully lined with extra warm Thinsulate® Insulation, or plush pile fabric.  Approximately 14 inches from fingertip to cuff.


Available in Sizes XSmall - XLarge.


No. 2832  All Leather Sno – Mitt with
       Thinsulate® Insulation         $30.00 / pair


No. 2833  All Leather Sno – Mitt with

       Plush Pile Insulation              $28.00 / pair

No. 2899   XXLarge                      $18.00 / pair

No. 2890   XLarge                        $18.00 / pair

No. 2880   Large                          $18.00 / pair

No. 2870   Medium                       $18.00 / pair

No. 2872   Small                           $18.00 / pair

No. 2875   Child                           $15.00 / pair

No.  2809    Large & XLarge        $31.00 / pair

Hunting Mittens

Features a slit in the palm to allow fingers to be free with an elastic covering.  Fully lined throughout with extra warm Thinsulate® Insulation.

Available in sizes Large and XLarge.

Please specify right or left hand when ordering.  Right hand slit is default.

No. 2848    XXLarge                        $26.00 / pair

No. 2844    XLarge                           $26.00 / pair

No. 2843    Large                              $26.00 / pair

No. 2840    Medium                          $26.00 / pair

No. 2841    Small                              $26.00 / pair

No. 2804   XLarge                              $21.00 / pair

No. 2803   Large                                $21.00 / pair

No. 2800   Medium                             $21.00 / pair

No. 2801   Small                                 $21.00 / pair

No. 2805   Child (Ages 5 – 6)             $18.00 / pair
No. 2806   Toddler (Ages 2 – 4)        $18.00 / pair

Pile Lined Mittens

For the entire family, our very popular plush pile lined mittens feature elastic sewed across the back, and fully lined with pile fabric for extra warmth in cold weather and snow.

Thinsulate® Thermal

Insulation Mittens

The natural comfort and durability of deerskin combined with one of the heaviest Thinsulate® Thermal Insulations available (other than footwear), makes this mitten one of our most popular.  It features elastic across the back, and a rolled and sewn leather wrist.

Unlined Choppers

Our popular, all purpose mittens for the entire family.  Unlined, with elastic sewed across the back.


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