Century Leather Produ​cts

Chaps feature hidden outside leg zipper with snaps on the bottom, and a snap front closing at the waist with an elastic back.

Require 3 ½ to 4 deer hides.

We need waist, thigh, and overall length from top of band to bottom of cuff desired.

Chaps                   Custom:   $210.00

                               Retail:     $390.00

Fringed Chaps      Custom:   $222.00

                               Retail:     $402.00


Wine Tote       

     Custom:    $70.00

       Retail:     $90.00

Purse (all sizes)

     Custom:    $44.00

     Retail:        $80.00

   Add Fringe   add $8.00

The Possibles bag for

black powder and

muzzleloaders can be

made suede side out

or grain side out.  It is

unlined with a flap

cover and shoulder

strap. Requires 1 large deer.

Possibles Bag            Custom:   $34.00

                                      Retail:   $64.00 

Ammo Bag                Custom:  $64.00

                                   Retail:     $91.00

Soft leather makes this bag stand out at the range, in the field and at deer camp.  The perfect size to carry ammo, gloves, shooting glasses and other gear. Requires 1 large deer.

Carries your boxes of rifle cartridges or shotgun shells out to the field, or while traveling.  Features a buckle closure and removable strap. Requires 2 deer.


        Small: 8” x 11”

        Medium: 8¾” x 13” 

        Large: 14” x 16”

Shell Bag:

        Small           Custom:   $90.00

                            Retail:     $180.00

        Medium       Custom:   $90.00

                            Retail:     $195.00

        Large           Custom:   $90.00

                            Retail:     $210.00

Shell Bag

Ammo Bag

Possibles Bag

Shoulder Bag



Market Tote

Bazaar Tote

Shave Kit

Ideal for daily business use and extended travel.   Features two easy access exterior pockets, large padded interior space for your laptop computer, plus plenty of zippered and open interior compartments for all your business and travel supplies.  Requires 3 medium to large deer.

Dimensions: 5” x 12” x 17”

Laptop Bag                Custom   $195.00

                                   Retail      $330.00

Briefcase             Custom:   $155.00

                            Retail:       $235.00

Laptop Bag


This briefcase with tooling leather accents keeps your computer, papers, and office supplies organized and protected.  It features an interior zippered pocket, pen holders, business card holders, carrying handles and removable shoulder strap. Requires 2 large deer.

Dimensions: 4” x 11” x 18”


      Small      Custom:   $185.00

Retail:   $285.00

      Medium     Custom:   $195.00

Retail:   $305.00

      Large     Custom:   $215.00

Retail:   $335.00

One trip across town or across the country, and this soft, yet sturdy duffel will quickly become your favorite.  Separate zippered pockets help you organize your clothing, gear and accessories for hunting or travel.


Small: 10” x 10” x 20”

Medium: 10” x 10” x 23”

Large: 12” x 12” x 27”

Leather Requirements:

Small: 3 large deer

Medium: 4 large deer

Large: 5 large deer


Leave the paper bag at

home.  Carry your favorite wine or other beverage to your hunt camp or cabin in this padded deerskin tote. Shown with optional embossing.

Requires 1 deer.


All Leather Pillows

    12" - 14"       Custom:   $40.00

                         Retail:     $82.00

    16" - 18"       Custom:   $40.00

                          Retail:    $100.00

Leather/Cloth Pillows

     12" - 14"      Custom:    $40.00

                          Retail:      $62.00

     16" - 18"      Custom:    $40.00

                          Retail:      $70.00

Add Fringe             add $12.00

Can be made with cloth on one side and leather on the other, or all leather.  Comes in multiple sizes: 12”, 14”, 16” and 18”.  Personalize the look with custom embossing as seen on the tan pillow below (see embossing page for details).  Leather/cloth pillows require 1 medium deer.  All leather pillows require 2 deerskins

Bazaar Tote         

     Small            Custom:   $90.00

                            Retail:    $180.00

     Large            Custom:   $90.00

                            Retail:    $210.00

A soft, great looking and very functional tote.  Perfect for shopping, traveling and everyday use.  Two snaps secure the top, with adjustable leather handles.  Shown in optional two-tone color. Requires 2 medium deer.

Dimensions:     Small: 10" x 11" x 4"

                           Large: 14" x 17" x 6"

Shave Kit                 Custom:    $64.00

                                  Retail:      $91.00

Sizes:  (Approximate Shoe Size)

Market Tote

     Small                Custom:   $90.00

                               Retail:     $180.00

     Large                Custom:   $90.00

                                Retail:    $210.00

Shoulder Bag            Custom:   $105.00

                                   Retail:     $165.00

Features two outside zippered compartments, two outside pockets and small interior pockets for easy organization during business or travel.  Requires 2 deer.

Our warm, pile lined slippers are available in sizes for everyone in the family!

A great all leather tote you can use every day, whether you’re going for groceries or heading out on a day trip with friends and family.  Side pockets hold any of your smaller items.  Requires 2 medium - large deer.

Dimensions:​     Small: 13" x 13" x 6 ½"

                           Large: 15 ½” x 15 ½" x 7"

Soft, pliable and rugged deerskin will make this the best shave kit you have ever owned! Requires 1 deer.

Features a snap front closure and has two inside pockets in the lining.  Available in small, medium or large.  Strap is approximately 39”.  Requires 1 - 2 medium to large deer.

Dimensions:​     Small:  9" x 9" x 2.5"

                           Medium: 9" x 11" x 2.5"

                           Large:  10" x 12" x 3"

Wine Tote

XSmall & Small         Custom:    $25.00

                                   Retail:     $35.00
Medium - XLarge      Custom:    $28.00

                                   Retail:     $38.00

XXLarge                    Custom:    $28.00

                                   Retail:      $44.00

XSmallChilds6, 6 ½
Small6, 6½7, 7½
Medium7, 7½, 88, 8½, 9
Large8½, 9, 9½9½, 10, 10½
XLarge10, 10½11, 11½
XXLarge11 to 1312, 13