Century Leather Produ​cts

Custom Tanning

Century Leather Products specializes in the tanning of deer, elk, moose and cow into soft, pliable, glove and garment leather.  All prices are based on a per hide charge, not by the square foot.  Tanning can take up to 11 months, depending on when the hide is received.  The Minnesota firearms season typically begins the second weekend of November, and the turnaround time lengthens quickly from this point.

Tanning Leather Prices


                                                                                  Deer                $ 46.00

                                                                                  Elk                   $175.00

                                                                                  Cow                $ 285.00

                                                                                  Moose             $ 285.00

                                                                                  Buffalo            $ 285.00


All moose, buffalo and cow hides will be cut in half from the neck to tail due to equipment limitations. 


We accept cream color from September 15th to April 1st only.  Cream color is processed once a year during early summer.


Your NAME, ADDRESS, and COLOR CHOICE (cream, tan, saddle, dark brown, black or hair on) must be ON and IN the container.  Place information in a small plastic bag inside the container and write your name and address on the outside of the box.  All hides will be tanned into the tan color unless a choice is sent in with the skins.  Your color choice may be selected from our color chart.  If the hides or skins are for different owners, tag each individual hide separately.

Color Chart




                                                    From Left to Right: Black, Dark Brown, Saddle, Tan and Cream


We now offer hair-on tanning also.  Salt or freeze hides promptly! Poorly cared for hides will have hair slip and bald spots when finished.


Hair On Price List

                                                                           Beaver                         $47.00                                                                          

                                                                           Coyote                         $47.00

                                                                           Raccoon                       $35.00

                                                                           Skunk                           $35.00

                                                                           Deer                             $80.00

                                                                           Bear         Market Price, charged by the foot

                                                                           Elk           Market Price, charged by the foot

                                                                           Cow         Market Price, charged by the foot

                                                                           Moose      Market Price, charged by the foot



                                                                            Deer                              $32.00

                                                                            Elk                                $77.00

​Care of Raw Hides and Skins

Spread the hide or skin out flat, FLESH SIDE UP, and SALT the entire hide with a fine salt as soon as possible.  The hide should not be folded or stacked in a pile without being salted as this will cause the hide to heat and spoil.  SHIP or DELIVER your skins as soon as possible to avoid spoilage and grain damage. 

                                                               DO NOT STORE HIDES IN PLASTIC BAGS


Shipping Information

Your SALTED hide can be folded into a bundle leaving the hair out; the salt will then be inside the hide.  Place ALL salted hides in a heavy duty plastic garbage bag FOR SHIPPING, then into a cardboard box.


NONE of the carriers appreciate a leaking parcel.  Remember – do not store the hides in plastic, but be certain to use them for shipping.


Dried Hides should not be folded as this will crack the grain surface.  Roll the hide into a cylinder shape and place in your container.


If you use a shipping service or send the package through work, BE SURE your name is inside the package!!


How to Ship

Your container of hides may be shipped PREPAID by whichever is most convenient to you.  The size of your shipment and rates should determine your method of shipping. 


Please prepay your shipment.  We can no longer accept freight collect shipments.  


All hides are individually marked upon arrival.  They are then salted, cured, and properly stored until they are tanned to ensure the best possible leather or skin.



When your order is completed, we will notify you with an itemized invoice.  If you cannot pick up your order when done, please remit payment so we can ship it to you.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, or Discover.


                                                            PLEASE DO NOT SEND ADVANCE PAYMENTS!!!


Special Notes

Moose, Buffalo and Cow hides that are tanned into leather will be CUT IN HALF from neck to tail due to equipment limitations.

All hides will be split into a suitable glove or jacket thickness.


Moose, Buffalo, Cow and Elk hides are too heavy and not satisfactory for making gloves.


Limit of Liability: In the event that your raw and/or tanned hide is lost or damaged while in our possession, our liability for loss, damage or delay is limited to the fair market value of the item at the time of loss, damage or delay. Under no circumstances shall Century Leather be liable for extra, consequential, or special damages, no matter how caused. By submitting hides for tanning, you agree to limit damages as set forth above. You understand that, due to many factors that have an effect on the final result of tanning, all tanning is done at owners risk, and we do not guarantee a specific result.