Century Leather Produ​cts


A great addition to your jacket, vest, accessory or gun case; an embossing is an excellent way to personalize your product by adding single burns, matching pairs, large scenes, initials, and custom phrases.

                                                            Single Burn:        $12.00

                                                            Matching Pair:    $21.00

Choose any of the images below for the single burn or matching pair (#1 - #74).  These burns are typically placed on the front yokes of garments, butt end of a gun case, or centered on an accessory, facing inward or towards center where applicable.

Large Scene:        $28.00

Large embossings are perfect for the back yoke of your garments, or on an accessory.  These embossings are only available on an item if there is enough room.  

Initials:                 $20.00

You can add up to 3 letters to the outside of an accessory, or onto a leather oval sewn into the lining of your garment.

Custom Phrase:   $30.00

Phrases can be burned on the outside of an accessory or onto a leather oval sewn into the lining.  Phrases can also be burned onto a leather oval and sewn into the lining in the neck of a garment.  Phrases can be up to 3 lines of 25 characters each.  Create your own personal emblem.


                                                     Example:         Custom Made for

                                                                                  John Smith

                                                                             First Buck – 1999

Ordering: Specify which embossing option you would like, and the location you would like it on your product.  This information can be placed in the comment section of the order blank.

Be SPECIFIC! We can’t “unburn” something!