This unlined muzzleloader case is made suede side out with fringe along the bottom.  It has a tie closing end, and no handles. ​

Muzzleloader Case                                Custom:   $86.00

                                                                 Retail:    $156.00

Muzzleloader Case

Northwoods Shotgun Case

This shotgun case can be made end loading, slip-in style with Velcro flap closing or full length zipper. With all leather outer shell and foam padded, tear resistant lining.  Shown as optional end loader with optional embossing -- see embossing page for details.

Northwoods Shotgun Case                             Custom:    $170.00

                                                                           Retail:     $245.00

This quality rifle case can be made end loading, slip-in style with Velcro flap closing or full length zipper. Made with all leather outer shell and a foam padded, tear resistant lining.  Shown as optional end loader with Velcro closing.

Northwoods Scoped Rifle Case                           Custom:      $170.00

                                                                               Retail:       $245.00

Northwoods Scoped Rifle Case

Range Scoped Rifle Case               Custom:    $182.00

                                                        Retail:      $260.00

This premium quality case features a leather outer shell and soft pile lining.  Features full length zipper with removable strap and loop handles.

Range Shotgun Case

Range Shotgun Case                          Custom:   $182.00

                                                              Retail:    $260.00

Carry your scoped rifle in this premium quality leather case.  Features leather exterior, soft pile lining, leather handles, removable shoulder strap and a full length zipper.  Heavy-duty strap is removable.

Range Scoped Rifle Case

Pistol Rug ​                 Custom:    $68.00

                                     Retail:     $95.00

Pistol Case​                Custom:      $68.00

                                    Retail:       $95.00

Protect your handgun with this padded, top grain leather pistol rug.  Designed for long-lasting durability. 


Choose from three sizes: 6” x 10”, 7” x 14” and 10” x 16”


Gun Cases

Leather Requirements:

All gun cases, with the exception of the pistol case and pistol rug, require 2 medium to large deer.  The pistol rug and pistol case require 1 medium to large deer.


All gun cases are finished with the grain side out with the exception of the muzzleloader that is made suede side out.  All gun cases can be made either way if desired and specified.


Please specify gun dimensions – gun length, and gun height (including the scope if it is a rifle) – when ordering.

Pistol Case

Pistol Rug

Keep your pistol safe and protected, and do it in style with this premium quality deerskin pistol case. Shown in optional two tone.


Choose from three lengths: 8”, 10” and 12”.  

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