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Our beautiful Ladies Scout Jacket features fringe across the chest and back, over the shoulders and down the sleeves.  With zipper front closing and two zipper fringed pockets.  The jacket is available with your choice of lining and the option of fringed bottom (#263) or plain bottom (#262).

No. 262           Ladies Scout Jacket w/ Plain Bottom

     Custom  (nylon lined)                                   $271.00

     Retail:                                                  starting at $511.00

         Black Quilted Lining                               add $10.00

         Black Pile Lining                                     add $20.00

No. 263           Ladies Scout Jacket w/ Fringed Bottom

      Custom  (nylon lined)                                  $271.00

      Retail:                                                 starting at $511.00

          Black Quilted Lining                              add $10.00

          Black Pile Lining                                    add $20.00

No. 283           Ladies Classic Uber Jacket

    Custom  (nylon lined)           $259.00

    Retail:                           starting at $499.00

         Black Quilted Lining       add $10.00

         Black Pile Lining             add $20.00

No. 282           Ladies Classic Fitted Back Jacket

    Custom (nylon lined)            $259.00

    Retail:                           starting at $499.00

        Black Quilted Lining        add $10.00

        Black Pile Lining              add $20.00

Our beautiful Ladies Classic Uber Jacket and Ladies Classic Fitted Back Jacket is designed for sportswear and general all purpose use.  With zipper front closing, two lower slant pockets, and your choice of lining.

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