The Motorcycle Jacket is made from soft, flexible and rugged deerskin making it ideal for biking.  Features oversized silver zippers on the front, pockets and sleeves, a two inch tail, and adjustable side lacings for extra comfort.  Choose between the snap down collar and the 1” stand up collar.  Be sure to specify which collar or the standard stand up collar will be used. 

No. 252           Motorcycle Jacket

      Custom (nylon lined)                                           $315.00

      Retail                                                            starting at $555.00

          Black Quilted Lining                                    add $10.00

          Black Pile Lining                                          add $20.00

Our popular Bomber Jacket, custom tailored for comfort, has many outdoor uses.  Zipper front closing, two slash pockets, and knitted collar, wrist and waist.  On the pile lined jacket, the knit collar is replaced with a six inch plush pile collar.  Any lining option has the choice of the leather collar instead.  Be sure to specify which lining you would like.  Also specify collar desired, or the standard knit collar is used.

No. 208           Bomber Jacket

   Custom (nylon lined)                                         $271.00

   Retail                                                        starting $511.00

        Black Quilted Lining                                  add $10.00

        Black Pile Lining                                        add $20.00

This soft pullover shirt features fringe across the chest and back, over the shoulders, and down the sleeves.  With two zipper pockets below the fringe on the front, laced front opening and a side zipper from underarm to bottom for easy on-and-off.  The cuffs, collar, and bottom are pinked.

Fringe can be omitted where not desired.  Choice of lined or unlined.  Shirt will come lined unless stated otherwise.

No. 300           Scout Shirt


           Custom                                            $259.00

           Retail                                       starting at $499.00

Nylon Lined                                       

           Custom                                           $271.00

           Retail                                      starting at $511.00

The Shooter’s Jacket features a suede/grain leather combination – suede body and sleeves, accented by large grain lower patch pockets, a quilted grain upper right shoulder patch, and a grain upper left patch pocket with flap.  It has take up straps at the hips and a zipper front closing.

No. 237           Shooter’s Jacket

   Custom (nylon lined)                                         $287.00

   Retail                                                          starting at $527.00

        Black Quilted Lining                                  add $10.00

        Black Pile Lining                                        add $20.00

The Scout Jacket, fringed and lined, is designed for casual wear.  It has fringe across the chest and back, over the shoulders and down the sleeves.  Complete with a zipper front closing, take up straps at the hips and two lower fringed zipper pockets.  Available with fringed bottom (#203) or plain bottom (#202).

No. 202           Scout Jacket w/ Plain Bottom

            Custom (nylon lined)                                    $271.00

            Retail                                                    starting at $511.00

                 Black Quilted Lining                             add $10.00

                 Black Pile Lining                                   add $20.00

No. 203           Scout Jacket w/ Fringed Bottom

            Custom (nylon lined)                                     $271.00

            Retail                                                      starting at $511.00

                 Black Quilted Lining                              add $10.00

                 Black Pile Lining                                    add $20.00

This western style “Colorado yoke” jacket features double sewn, flat seamed, curved yokes on the front and back, two lower slant pockets, take up straps at the hips and a front zipper closing.

No. 206           Colorado Jacket

   Custom (nylon lined)                                   $259.00

   Retail                                                    starting at $499.00

        Black Quilted Lining                             add $10.00

        Black Pile Lining                                   add $20.00

Fringe is not available on curved yokes

No.  211        Classic Uber Jacket

    Custom  (nylon lined)                  $259.00

     Retail                                starting at $499.00

        Black Quilted Lining             add $10.00

        Black Pile Lining                   add $20.00

No.  221        Classic Fitted Back Jacket

    Custom  (nylon lined)                  $259.00

    Retail                                 starting at $499.00

        Black Quilted Lining              add $10.00

        Black Pile Lining                    add $20.00

Our Classic Uber Jacket and Classic Fitted Back Jacket are designed for sportswear and general all purpose use.  With zipper front closing, two lower open front slash pockets, take up straps and your choice of lining and back.

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