Century Leather Produ​cts

Custom Made Gloves, Mittens, Accessories and Garments

Made from your tanned leather

Glove and Mitten Orders

One large deerskin will make approximately two to three pair of gloves or mittens.  A small hide will make one to two pair.  The size and condition of the hide, and the size and style of gloves or mittens selected determine how many pair can be made. 


When your order is completed we will notify you with an itemized invoice.  If you cannot pick up the order, please remit payment so we can ship your order to you.  We accept check, Visa, Discover and MasterCard.


All prices subject to change without notice.

Prices do NOT include tanning!  Prices throughout the website are making prices from your already tanned leather.  See the Stock Pricing Section of the website for direct retail purchase.


Sample garments, gloves and mittens are on display in the show room at our factory and you are welcome to examine and try them on.  We will be happy to assist you with your order and measurements.  Factory hours vary seasonally, please call ahead to verify someone will be at the shop before you make the drive.


List your items in order of preference.  We will start at the top of the list and make as many items as your leather permits.

To place an order, you can print the order blank and mail it in, send your order via e-mail, or call it in.