Century Leather Produ​cts

We sell full grain leather that is soft, pliable, glove and garment quality leather.

Standard deerskin is finished to a 3 – 3.25 ounce weight leather.  Elk, moose and cowhide runs 4 – 4.5 ounce.  Leather is available in cream, tan, saddle, dark brown and black.  We also sell deerskin rawhide suitable for drum heads, etc…  All leather is subject to availability.


                                                                        Retail Leather

                                           #1 Deer                                       $60 / hide

                                           #2 Deer                                       $4.10 / sq ft

                                           #3 Deer                                       $2.25 / sq ft

                                           Trimmings and Remnants          

​                                                                $15 / 30 gallon bag

                                           #1 Elk                                          $190 / hide

                                           #1 Moose, Cow, Buffalo             $160 / half

                                                                     Retail Rawhide

                                           #1 Deerskin Rawhide                  $39 / hide

​                                           Elk Rawhide                                $92 / hide


Keep in mind, there is no perfect hide.  Almost all will have a hole from the hunt, skinning, etc…


All #1 leather has been selected for minimal cuts, holes, blemishes, etc, and would be considered jacket quality, large hides. 


All #2 deerskin are the same quality leather, but have more holes or blemishes.  These will not yield the large cuts of leather needed for garments, but work well for regular cuts and pieces.


#3 deerskin will show grain peel, damage, uneven color, etc., and are only suited for small craft items, i.e. bracelets, key chains, trinkets, etc..  These hides are rough and are not always available.


We select for premium full grain leather, but by reversing the leather, or turning the grain side inward, the suede side can be used.  We assume you are using the grain unless you request suede.


Trimmings and remnants are left over from the cutting room and are sold by the 13 gallon bag, weighting about 30 – 40 pounds.  They are great for hobbies, crafts and projects.


                                                                              Hair On Prices


                                                                Beaver                      $60.00 / hide                                                                 

                                                                Coyote                      $80.00 / hide

                                                                Raccoon                    $55.00 / hide

                                                                Skunk                        $45.00 / hide

                                                                Deer                          $100.00 / hide

                                                                Elk                            Call for pricing

                                                                Cow                          Call for pricing

                                                                Moose                       Call for pricing


We seasonally stock hair on hides for sale.  Full deer make great wall hangings for the cabin or hunting lodge.  Subject to availability.


After decades in the leather tanning business, we have a wealth of information and experience.  As always, PLEASE CALL US on specific questions, needs, or concerns.  We are always happy to visit with our customers!

Retail Leather