Century Leather Produ​cts

Vest Information

Leather Requirements

All vests, through size 46, require 2 large deer.  Sizes 48 and up take 1 to 2 extra deer.

Extra Fringe, V-Fringe, extra length, etc…, all use more leather, and may take part of another hide.

All alterations for vest length, etc…, are included in the price.


All vests have a choice of three linings, with the exception of the Children's Vest which is lined with plaid cotton flannel and the Range Vest that is lined with a white Sherpa-like pile lining.  The lining options are: 

  • Nylon lining
  • Black quilted lining (nylon quilted in 3" squares to 1/8" foam)
  • Heavy black Sherpa-like pile

Nylon lining comes standard with any vest.  Black quilt is available for an additional $7.00 and the black pile is available for an additional $12.00.


Any of the garments can be made with the usual grain side out, or reversed with the suede side out.  All garments are made grain suede out unless specified otherwise.


Two pockets are included in each garment, with the exception of the Montana Vest that has 3 by design.  Extra pockets, no matter the location, can be added for $9.00 to any garment. 

Conceal and Carry Pockets can be added to garments for an additional $18.00


All standard fringe is our regular 3” cut.  We can add a 3” – 5” V-Fringe on the front and back yokes of jackets and vests if desired and specified.  We can also use 5” Fringe, OR 5” – 9”  V-Fringe.  Any fringe other than the standard 3” cut is an additional $21.00


Custom embossing is available on any garments.  Images can be burned into the yokes; alone or in matching pairs.  We also offer large embossing for the back yoke.  The large embossing images will only fit on items with sufficient space.  We can personalize your jacket with a custom phrase, i.e. Custom Made for John Smith, embossed on a label sewn into the lining.

We do NOT emboss on dark brown and black garments since the embossing does not show up clearly. 

For pricing and embossing images, see embossing page.